Age: 27    Year Diagnosed: 2006   Location: San Diego, Ca

"Ever since I was born I battled with depression. I struggled with it my whole childhood and at the age of 13 years old, I tried to end my life. At 16 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I couldn't' t accept this new life and I wanted to end it so badly. My first endo appointment I had I saw a quote in the waiting room that was basically about being thankful for your struggles because at least you're alive to see them. After I read that quote it hit me....I had to look at life differently. I took my life for granted before and now I have to fight to live to see the light of day. My way of looking at things may be shocking, you may not agree and you may think otherwise but thinking this way helps me go on. Knowing that I overcome this on a daily basis makes me proud of myself and who I have become. I love myself enough to keep myself alive because thats what diabetes is... a disease based on how much you love yourself. If you love yourself you will live a long and healthy life with diabetes. If we want to live, we are the ones the can control that. I always tell myself "YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO". I can proudly say I have had diabetes for 11 years now and I have finally accepted having this thanks to the type 1 community. Talking with other diabetics and not feeling alone has helped with my acceptance!"