Age:  36   Year Diagnosed:  1986   Location: Orange County, Ca

“Growing up, a classmate found out I had diabetes, and kept asking me in front of people if it was contagious. I  was so embarrassed and I kept ignoring her but she kept asking. Eventually, I  just said yes and rubbed my hand on her arm, that seemed to do the trick! 

I was diagnosed at age 5 in Central America. My doctor didn’t know about treatments other than regular insulin R and NP, taken three times a day. He didn’t even know about carb counting, so my food was strictly no sugar. After coming to California, it was so different(t1d culture shock). I learned about carb counting and got such  better control. I feel empowered to live a longer, healthy life now. I  want to help others with t1d, raise awareness, and make this community much stronger.”