Age: 21 Year Diagnosed: 2014 Location: San Diego, Ca

“After the endocrinologist prescribed me insulin, my brother and I wanted to celebrate and he decided we should go to Olive Garden. On the way there, my brother asked me, ‘Hey, do you think we should pick up your medication first and take it before we go out to eat?’ my response was, ‘nah, I don't think ill need it now...’ little did I know. I had a massive bowl of pasta and possibly a drink as my brother was updating my family through text messages that I was going to be okay and I could eat more now that I had been prescribed insulin. I got home to check my blood sugar, 400 mg/dL or so as I yell at my machine, ‘Why is it so high?!’ My mom's response was, ‘well, you just had a load of pasta maybe thats why!’

Being the odd character I am, when I first was diagnosed, I was excited. I was optimistic. I had something to struggle for and be somebody for. I felt like I had this for a reason. that destiny gave me it to become great at something in my lifetime. I had little knowledge of this disease, but in my head, I enjoyed setbacks. Just like never making the high school basketball team 4 years in a row, I took great pleasure in my losses. I know they make me stronger and wake me up.

Learn as much as possible! Cut your learning curve. You don't need to learn from your own mistakes. That means more hypos and hypers. Learn from people you want results from, have humility and absorb as much as possible like you know nothing. Listen to everyone, but its not necessarily what to do but what not to do.”