Age: 43 Year Diagnosed: 1981 Location: Upland, Ca

“I was once with a group of friends and testing my blood sugar, did my finger stick and blood did not come out. Squeezed my finger so hard to get just enough blood and still nothing, then all of a sudden the geyser occurred and blood shot three feet in the air. I was so embarrassed by that!

I have so many stories, this disease has challenged me my entire life. I have blacked out behind the wheel due to a low blood sugar and crashed into a light poIe have had complications with my eyes despite having A1Cs that are suppose to keep you from complications. I was actually told my endocrinologist that I was just unlucky. Despite this, I have not let Type 1 slow me down, in fact it has done the opposite and made me stronger. I have an unbelievable support team in my wife, daughters and friends. I have a medical support team second to none. There will be a cure one day, until then keep fighting and stay type one strong!”