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Name: Abby   Age: 29  Year Diagnosed: 2012  Location: Indiana

“There was a time a few years ago when I had a low in the middle of the night. I usually wake up my husband when I feel I need to for my own safety, but this time I didn’t because it didn’t feel that bad. I went into the kitchen and decided I wanted a small glass of chocolate milk for my treat, so I got the gallon out, and the glass. I went to pour the milk... and dropped the gallon on the counter, and it fell onto the floor, spilling chocolate milk all over the kitchen. I was low, tired, and now upset, so I just sat on the floor in the middle of the milk and started crying. Thankfully my husband heard the ruckus (and didn’t laugh when he saw the chocolatey destruction). He got me a glass of milk so I could treat the low and the cleaned up the whole mess for me. We laughed about it later, but at the time it was pretty upsetting. 

My piece of advice is if you can get your doctor to over-write your prescriptions just a tad, do it. Having a small stockpile in case of emergencies is so crucial. But don’t have them over-write for lancets. You don’t need 10 million of those laying around.”