Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 2009 Location: Paris, France

I’ve been diabetic for many years now. At the beginning, I could say that we have to learn how to live with that new lifestyle. Then as the warriors that we are, we need to challenge ourselves. At least that’s my opinion and my goal. One year ago, I travelled to a beautiful French island called Réunion. That island is a wonderful mix between ocean, mountains, and volcanos. That trip was one of my diabetic life challenges because it was a hiking trip. We went to a wonderful mountain called ‘Cirque de Mafate’, it was something like 7 hours walking. All the way down was okay but in the middle of the way up, I started to have really bad hypo. I had blurred vision and we had to stop. I ate and drank all what I had in my backpack. It was really, really hard. I had been low for maybe one hour. My friends started to be really stressed and say that we should call a helicopter. I was stressed, embarrassed, scared and exhausted...but didn’t want to give up ! I did everything to make my blood sugar ’okay’ and continue my way up. Finally after hours walking I was the first on the top of the mountain, you can't imagine my feeling in that very special moment ! It was so emotional, I felt so proud of myself. So in the end, if I can give any advice to our wonderful diabetic community it would be ‘Never give up’. Being diabetic makes us stronger every day and we should be proud of that!

Ive been diabetic for more than 9 years, for all these years I was wondering if I could find some other diabetics, besides the ones at the hospital. Last year, I had the idea to check Instagram to see if I could find some information... I discovered this really big and awesome community ! I am so glad to know you all over the world. You guys are so inspirational and helpful and want to thank you all who share your experiences and make our community what it is.”