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Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 1991 Current Location: San Diego, Ca

“The only time I went into DKA, I was at the hospital and the nurse kept asking for my social security number, and I kept giving her my student ID number (I was in college). They didn't want me drinking water until I had blood drawn and a urine analysis, but I was SOOO thirsty. When they had me go into the bathroom to do my urine sample, there was a basket of sterile cups, so I used one to chug water from the sink!

A misconception I would change is that type 1 is just about taking insulin when you eat and not eating sugar. Every single decision we make involves our diabetes, and it's very consuming/not as easy as we make it look.

I love seeing how people are coming out of their shells and sharing their diabetes. Proudly wearing their devices where they can be seen. It also helps us find each other! I am 100% the person that will go up to another diabetic in a crowd just to give them a hug and say, ‘me too!’”