Age: 21    Year Diagnosed: 2001   Location: Austin, Tx

"I went to a performing arts high school for dance and was fortunate enough to choreograph and be in a dance about having type 1 for a big show we put on. Minutes before my dance went on stage, my blood sugar dropped and would not come back up and they had to completely change the order of the dances just for me (the audience was very confused when looking at the show order). It took 30 minutes for my blood sugar to come up, and then I finally took the stage feeling so gross after stuffing my face with sugar....at least I got “in the mood” for the theme of the piece before taking the stage 

Don’t forget that there are others experiencing this crazy and unpredictable disease just like you! Seek out others with type 1 and take advantage of our community. It makes such a difference to be able to have others to talk to about something that most people in your life will never fully understand."