Age: 22    Year Diagnosed:  1997    Location: Dallas, Tx

"I have a lot of stories, but one that sticks out to me is my freshman year of college. I had 'trained' my roommate on how to treat my diabetes. That morning I woke up with a low BG, and was having trouble getting myself up to treat it. So my roommate grabbed me a juice box from our fridge and gave it to me. Without hesitation I took the straw from the juice box and tried shoving it into the headphone jack of my iPhone. He then had to help me open my juice box and drink it correctly.

With having diabetes for such a long time, I have been through the highs and lows (lol pun intended) of life and of diabetes. It never gets easier, but it is our perspective of diabetes that sets apart having a defeated attitude with diabetes, and having a hopeful attitude. If we have a defeated perspective, nothing will get better, and everything including BGs, our insulin to carb ratio, or something as small as the amount of insulin we take in a day, all become negative things. IF we have a positive perspective these things, although may be not the best at the time, are small milestones of learning how to manage your diabetes, how your body reacts to different foods, or exercises. With all of these little data points you realize that you are creating a map that will make taking care of your diabetes a little better. A hopeful perspective doesn't see good and bad numbers, it just sees progress, even if it doesn't come the way you want it too."