Age: 5   Year Diagnosed: 2015   Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"You’re going to be ok. It seems scary at first, but then it’s not so scary any more and then it’s not scary at all."

From her mother, Kate:

"People have asked me if Penny’s Dexcom is a GPS device. I’ve asked Penny if she feels high in in the grocery store and have gotten all kinds of weird looks.

I wish people knew how much mental energy T1 requires, that it really isn’t a set it and forget it kind of thing. You are thinking about it constantly, like a program that runs in the background on a computer, always there pulling energy.

It doesn’t get easier, but you get better at it. Early on I found that we got so focused on Type 1 we were prioritizing her physical health over her social and emotional wellbeing. Sure her A1C looked great, but the stress we were causing her wasn’t fair. We taken a step back, recognizes what a huge mental health component there should be in Type1 care, and found a happy medium. We say yes a lot more."