Age: 23    Year Diagnosed: 2014    Location: Fort Worth, Tx

"I was able to go to a prescreening of Jumanji with the company Beyond Type 1. I took my sister with me and when I was telling her about the event she says "Is there going to be paparazzi there? Are they going to be like 'Valerie, Valerie over here, show us your dexcom!'  We laughed so hard for a good while!

When I come across other T1Ds, whether it be on social media or in my daily life, it always makes me happy/excited. This community of people are all so incredible, bound together by hardship and strength that other people can't know or really understand. I'm so grateful for other t1ds out there who encourage and inspire me to live life to the fullest despite this disease!

Type 1 Diabetes is more than just a disease, it's a teacher. If you let it, it's going to teach you how brave you are, how persistent you are, how resilient you are, and how freaking strong you are! It's ok to hate it some days, but on the other days embrace it and let it show you things you might not have know before.