Age: 56     Year Diagnosed: 1972    Location: Plano, Tx

"I guess I look a bit more "senior" than I feel. This past May I was training to become the first type 1 diabetic to run a 200+ mile relay as a solo runner. I was in Seguin, TX, at a Whataburger, after finishing a 100-mile practice run. I was testing my sugar while I waited in line to order a burger. When I got the order back to my table, I noticed the checker had given me the senior discount. I thought, "I just ran 100 miles and got the senior discount... score!

This past October, I became the first type 1 diabetic and only 3rd runner to finish the 223-mile Capital to Coast Relay as a solo runner (all 223 miles by myself), in 88 hours, 11 minutes, and 27 seconds. This June I hope to become the first ever solo finisher of the 339-mile Relay Iowa, which should take about 8 days. In Spring of 2019, I intend to complete an 880-mile run across Texas, from El Paso to Texarkana; and in 2020 I plan to become only the 2nd type 1 diabetic to run across the continental US. There's a FB page for it, but it's easiest to follow the hashtags #donsolo and #forrestpump!

Type 1 makes a lot of stuff harder, but most of it is not impossible. You get a special sense of pride doing challenging things with "one hand tied behind your back testing your blood sugar."