Age: 22     Year Diagnosed: 2000   Location: Austin, Tx

"My roommate for the first two years of college deserves some sort of medal for enduring all of my Omnipod and Dexcom alarms as we adjusted to college life. During one late night of studying in our dorm, we had our first fire drill. We were both so freaked out, but thinking it was another one of my alarms, the first thing she yelled was "IS THAT YOU?!" We looked absolutely ridiculous standing outside that night laughing like maniacs in our pajamas.

Last year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Actually, I flew out of it. All the way to Sydney, Australia, and I stayed there for 6 months. Type 1 was the major barrier in taking the leap to study abroad. Recognizing that was huge. Taking action was huge. Life has changed. It's a process, but It's more important now that I recognize when I am letting diabetes hold me back.

When I meet other people with Type 1 it's one of the most powerful connections you can share with another human. I started going to a camp for Type 1 Diabetics when I was 7. It's where I met so many of my role models and best friends, and we all grew up together. It might sound lame to go to a diabetes camp, but I went for 13 years and even worked there as a counselor. The online community is amazing, but my favorite part of every year was diabetes camp. Anyone and everyone should go!"