Age: 45   Year Diagnosed: 1984   Location: Dallas, Tx

"When I was in 8th grade, I was a cheerleader. I tested my bg right before a pep rally and I had a "squirter".. The blood shot all over my white cheerleading shirt 10 minutes before the pep rally! I called my mom and she rushed over a clean shirt!

"I used to be terrified of low blood sugar. I would purposely run my sugar up so it wouldn't go low, and I wouldn't run outside. One day I met a T1D who ran marathons and I was in awe. I started running outside; first just 2 mile loops, so I could pass my car and test every time. Gradually I felt more confident in carrying sugar and my ability to raise my sugar during a run. I ran a full marathon 12 months after meeting that diabetic who inspired me.