Age: 25    Year Diagnosed: 2001    Location: New York City, NY

"My relationship with diabetes runs 18 years deep. Yep. We’ve been Netflix and chillin since I was 7 years old. And like any long term relationship, diabetes and I have been through different phases together. Ages 7-12 my parents were pretty much running the show and I don’t remember much, other then that distinct taste of sugar free jello I was fed at the hospital for 5 days straight. Ages 12-16 is when I began to realize I was “different” and started feeling embarrassed about having to go to the nurse’s office so often and became more aware of the looks and stares coming from kids when i wore my pump clipped on the outside of my pants. Ages 16-21, that embarrassment turned into me feeling like I was not good enough, or perfect enough and i hid my diabetes from most everyone I would meet. Ages 21- present, I learn to embrace what makes me different. I express gratitude for all the strength diabetes has given me. I am so over society’s standards for perfection. And I live a life of holistic wellness, putting my mind, body and soul first, which has immensely impacted me in so many positive ways. Being a Diabetic Health Coach is a career I never saw myself going into, but one I could not love more. I have the privilege of coaching T1D’s all around the world in helping them gain control of their diabetes, their bodies, and ultimately their health and happiness. From barely wanting to associate as a diabetic to making it my life’s focus, I feel like for the first time in my life I am liberated and just living my truth."