Age: 34     Year Diagnosed: 1996    Location: San Francisco, Ca

"Countless times I have been asked “Wow you still use a pager?” Or “oh is that an old iPod? Cool!” And it’s my insulin pump lol. Same with my old Dexcom receiver. I was two hours into a long presentation session in class when my Dexcom started blaring at me that I was dropping. The teacher somehow thought it was a fire alarm (didn’t think it was THAT loud!) and she wanted us all out of the classroom until I said “no no it’s just my pancreas trying to kill me again...” then come see the explanation of what’s wrong etc etc haha I gave my classmates a break but still embarrassing!

When I was about 10 or 11, I LOVED my big sisters baby sitter club book collection. My favorite character was Stacy McGil lol who just so happened to be a diabetic. When I first started feeling sick I ran through all those books again and let my mom know I thought I was diabetic just from the symptoms and experiences described in the books. Lo and behold, a trip to the doctor and a reading of 500+ and into the hospital with t1d I go. I wrote the author on Facebook years later to thank her and she wrote me back glad that her books helped me!"