Age: 32    Year Diagnosed: 1992    Location: Forth Worth, Tx

"T1D and me have been rollin’ deep since 1992.  I didn’t have quite the tumultuous diagnosis story as some, as my dad and brother also live with T1D so I fell right into the ranks. People are often shocked to learn of my family’s life with T1D, but we take it in stride.  We’ve learned to help each other out through understanding and encouragement, a simple listening ear when diabetes just plain sucks, and let’s be real…borrowing supplies when needed!  Of course we never would have foreseen or wanted this scenario, but what can you do?  Make the best out of it, use it for good, and keep on going.

Four years ago, I decided it was time for a change.  I went back to school and pursed my MPA (Masters in Public Administration) and soon afterward, I started my job at JDRF.  In my current position at JDRF as Outreach Manager, I get the opportunity to meet with newly diagnosed Type 1s and offer them important resources and education, community connection, and most of all…hope.  T1D becomes your new normal, but it should absolutely not stop you from living your best life.  Though sometimes it can feel overwhelming to always be encompassed by T1D in both my personal and professional life, I certainly know that I would not be the person I am today without the tenacity living with T1D has given me.  My strongest advice to anyone living with T1D is this – don’t be afraid.  Try new things, investigate devices and glucose monitors that may work for you, dive into diabetes research, build your own T1D community support group, and, educate anyone and everyone around you about T1D!"