Age: 26    Year Diagnosed: 2008   Location: South Orange, NJ

"I eat about a jar of peanut butter every other day when bike touring. Most of the conversations outside of convenience stores or the side of the road begin with a similar question, "Are you eating peanut butter while biking?" Something I learned about cyclists is that these athletes are always hungry. Our goal is to eat roughly 4,000 calories, or twice the daily recommended amount. All this fuel is needed for the long time on the bike, usually six to eight hours in order to ride about sixty miles a day. You can clearly spot that I am a cyclist with type 1 diabetes because of my handlebar bag setup. In between the bars of "Dark Roast", the nickname of the REI Novara touring bike, sits my dad's handlebar bag - I found his driver's license from 1988 when cleaning it out for the first time. To the right is a jar of peanut butter with a pink fork that I picked up at Walmart the night before setting out on this adventure; in the middle is the receiver for the Dexcom CGM displaying blood sugar trends; and on the left is a jar of jelly to treat downward arrows. There are no doctors or resource guidelines on how to figure out this setup. We are all experiments with our own bodies and I've had a lot of failed trials and tribulations. What I cannot believe is that this adventure is coming up on a full year on the road. There is a navy veteran that I met at the top of the municipal elevator in Oregon City (Google it) who sums up this entire adventure, 'You are doing things that we never ever dreamed about'."