Age: 25    Year Diagnosed: 1995    Location: Moraga, Ca

"When I was in high school, my best friend was helping me change my site and after I had explained to her what to do, she went to place the infusion set on my stomach and I squirmed away and shouted "DON'T GO PAST THE FRECKLE!" and we started laughing until we cried. We still joke about that til this day, especially on days when she helps me change my site. (Yes, she still helps me sometimes!) I guess I should mention that there is a freckle on my abdomen that whenever my sites are place too close to it or go on "the wrong side" of it, it hurts really bad. So the rule is to not pass/cover the freckle!

I'm embarrassed to admit that I still can't inject my own sites or shots, even though I've had t1d for 22, almost 23 years. I think my family babied me so much after my diagnosis and this is why I have a hard time doing things myself when it comes to diabetes.