Age: 27   Year Diagnosed: 2010    Location: San Antonio, Tx

"I’ve always been an energetic human being; I was-and still am always up for anything. Even when I’ve had a long, busy day, I wouldn’t say no to doing something. But recently, I’ve come to the realization that it would be totally okay to say no, and say I am tired. I stopped to think how exhausting it really is to have t1d. If I’m completely honest, for the past couple of years, I’ve been so tired. Many would say it is because I am getting older, but I truly don’t think that is why. A lot people don’t understand how tiring it is to have diabetes… but let me tell you, it is extremely tiresome. There have been days when I am super exhausted, and I mention it to someone and they just look at me like “tired of what?,” as if I don’t do enough. And yes, it is kind of frustrating, even for me to not be able to describe why or how exhausted I feel. None of those people ever stop to think how tiring and hard type 1 diabetes can be. I don’t like to play the “I have diabetes” card; but there are some days when I feel it should be allowed. Yes, you see me, you see a happy, positive person. But have you stopped to think how mentally tired I am? How about the emotional roller coaster I go through every single day, to have to think about everything I am about to eat and do at any given time. If I have low or high numbers, enough supplies, or how everything I do, and even the way I feel affects this disease I never intended to have. And that just because I make it look easy, it doesn’t mean that it is.