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Age: 30    Year Diagnosed: 2015    Location: Dallas, Tx

"I have experienced several big life changes in the past three years since my diagnosis, things like moving across the country, relationship changes, job changes, and after every single one I have realized that no matter what "I got this" because I deal with T1D everyday . It's made me so much more self aware , knowing what I am truly capable of, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've learned to see living with T1D as a confidence booster. If I can say "I got this" to managing my health with all of our challenges as T1Ds I can say "I got this" to just about anything put in my path.

The biggest misconception I would change is that diabetes is not a big deal. So many people don't know that we constantly make life impacting decisions with every shot, every correction, every bite. It seems like no big deal from the outside looking in, just a few pricks and shots, or a weird medical device in my body, but some days when the blood sugar struggle is real it would be nice if people around me understood that it's not that easy and it does impact our daily lives and how we feel a lot more than you can see."