Age: 27   Year Diagnosed: 1993   Location: Orange County, Ca

"I shared recently with some T1D friends that my childhood neighbor described me as "buff" at the end of Bike Beyond. When I told them about my habit (impressive feat of strength?) of tightening the battery cap on my insulin pumps so tightly I crack the plastic I earned a new nickname: The Hulk.

I find many people think of T1Ds as physically fragile and that's just wrong. Sure our bodies turned on us, but as a group of people we're tough as nails.

Bike Beyond wasn't life changing because I cycled across America as a non-cyclist, it was life changing because I was immersed exclusively in the T1D community for 3 months. The Diabadass Tour is my way of remaining active and engaged within our community which I've come to love so much. We're bringing people together across the country to make friends, have an interesting conversation and try new athletic activities. Our community is better when we're together, side-by-side encouraging and supporting one another."