Age: 29    Year Diagnosed: 2001   Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

"I remember one of my first “going out for dinner” adventures after being diagnosed was to Bob Evans. I was overwhelmed between trying to figure out what would fit into my “dinner” carb counts and something I actually enjoyed. Couldn’t tell you what I ordered, but when I tested my blood sugar, I had my first “gusher”. My brother and I thought it was hilarious, mom was hysterical, and dad was a little of both. Didn’t take long for me to get used to my new normal.

One of my strongest feelings about having Type 1 is that I’m thankful. I’m thankful to have grown up in and been diagnosed in the age of technology that I did. I’m thankful to have almost endless gadgets and information out there to help me manage my diabetes. I’m thankful for having my group of yinzers to hang out with & we can talk about everything that makes NO sense to most people, and we all understand how each of us feels.

Don’t sweat it. Network. Be patient. Reach out to the experienced ones. We’ve all been there and asked our fair share of “stupid” questions.