Age: 30    Year Diagnosed: 2000   Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

"I think people with Type 1 fall into the mind-trap that they are alone. Type 1 is an extremely isolating condition which makes managing it and taking care of ourselves that much harder. I wish that we as a community were more aware of each other and how shared the struggles and frustrations, that we ALL go through, really are. Much like the low snacks we all SHOULD have stuffed away in a drawer or bag somewhere, our Type 1 community is there to help during the times when things get too low to handle. Low snacks and our community will always be there but they only work when you use them.

A piece of advice or life hack I have is you can test if your soda is actually diet or not by checking it with your glucometer! Diet soda tends to come up as LOW or gives error number while regular soda give you a HIGH or bg in the 200s or 300s."