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Age: 52    Year Diagnosed: 2008    Location: Byron, Bay Australia

"I often think about how silly I felt the first time I took an insulin injection. I was sure it would kill me. Instead absolutely nothing happened...not only that my blood sugar came down and I felt amazing. I had more energy than I'd remembered having since my childhood. Instead of seeing Insulin as the enemy I saw it as my best friend. I felt like such an idiot assuming the worst.

People often ask me how I can be so disciplined with my diet and exercise. I wish they could get that it's not discipline, it's the passion that I have for life and living. If I didn't stay vigilant with my diet, yoga and insulin injections I could die. Its really a life or death situation. I often share that I had great food and did whatever I wanted for 42 years...now I get to work hard to stay well... and because I love sharing and helping others it's so worth it!

For me Yoga is my solace when it come to living with diabetes. When I step on the mat I don't think about diabetes. I focus on my breath, the movement, the artful discipline and my total devotion to the practice. There are moments during the practice where I can cry and release tension and also moments of deep gratitude. I also know that Yoga makes me the healthiest I can be in spite of living with diabetes. It's a lifesaver.

If you are on MDI's get yourself an insulin syringe with 1/2 unit markings so you can fine tune your doses and use SIRI to help you count carbs."