Age: 47    Year Diagnosed: 1991    Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"That it's easy to manage. It's not simply balancing your insulin with food. As we know there are 42 factors that can effect your blood glucose. Thinking and acting like a pancreas is really hard. Type 1 can also be fatal. Too often this invisible disease is not taken seriously because you can't see us "rusting from the inside out," as my good friend likes to say. Well, not only is this disease stealthy -- especially the longer you've had it -- it can also kill you in the short term with a hypo or hyper episode.

A story I'd like to share is hearing the beeping of my insulin pump, and my 3 year old son's reaction to it: "Mommy, is it time to take your insulin?" On the one hand it's good to have another pair of eyes and ears on my T1D, but on the other, I wish my sweet toddler didn't have to see his mom struggle with this disease.

Don't give up hope. A cure will -- for real -- happen in your lifetime.