Age: 24  Year Diagnosed: 2005  Location: Rialto, Ca

“As a type 1 diabetic I’ve come across many misconceptions about my disease. The first is  that our  lives and choices  are limited. That we diabetics, only have a certain amount of options in life. Especially when it comes to food. Being a T1D just means  I need to make sure my sugars are at a balance, which I’m able to do so thanks to my insulin. The second misconception I would change is the confusion between type 1 and 2 diabetes. Often, people tend to confuses 1 and 2. People like to assume that I’m diabetic because I’m unhealthy. Again, wrong! I was born with type one diabetes, diagnosed at the age of 12. I made no bad decisions that lead me to being diabetic. Honestly, I don’t expect the world to know about my disease, I just ask that they don’t make assumptions.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 years my world fell apart. I was all of a sudden categorized as different from the rest. I felt like the only people that ever spoke to me about diabetes were my doctors. Those conversations were really only about my test results or medications. No one ever really spoke to me about living with the illness or advise me on things the illness would affect. There wasn’t anyone I knew in the world that could understand me and what I was going through. Until my fiance, Martin, told me about  diabetic meet-up- groups. A place to meet other diabetics like myself? After  finally attending one, I met the most amazing people that later became my best friends. Not only did they understand what I was going through, but they were also able to help me get through it. They too have gone through conflicts because of being diabetic and were able to gain knowledge from it which I later benefitted from. Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make here is go out there and meet other diabetics! The feeling of finding others like yourself is similar too finding a family. Its an automatic bond and love for one another.“