Age: 25   Year Diagnosed: 1997  Location: Simi Valley, Ca

"Everybody who has spent an extended period of time with me has, at some point, uncovered one or more (often more) purple BD sterile needle covers that I use for my insulin injection pen. They find them in their car, under couches, in their purses, in the kitchen, etc. I had a roommate once start a "money jar" where every time he found one of those purple BD needle covers, I'd have to put $1 in the jar. By the end of a full year, there was enough money to go out to a nice brunch in Santa Monica. I've tried to get better about throwing them in the trash, but every once in a while, I'll still find one on the floor and laugh.

I feel really blessed that T1D is a manageable condition. Although it can often be difficult, annoying, and at times a pain in the side (see what I did there), T1D does not prevent me from going after my dreams and living a fulfilled life."