Age:   35    Year Diagnosed: 1994   Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

"Time with diabetes is mystifying. There were decades where I thought I knew everything there was to know about treating it, or I believed it would always be impossible to control. Once you gain an insight or skill, it seems baffling that you didn’t know it all along. Because it starts to seem obvious. 'How could I NOT have known to weigh my food/change my basals weekly/include fat with my carbs'?

The only time I passed out as an adult, I woke up on my couch with my husband. There was a police officer who had responded while we waited for the ambulance. I wasn’t lucid yet, so I didn’t understand how or when he had arrived. To me, he had just appeared. Because I was still a little off, I kept whispering (loudly!) that I didn’t know who he was was and that I wanted him to leave. He was an extreme professional and was neither visibly offended or amused by me."