Age: 27   Year Diagnosed: 1992  Location: Santa Clarita, Ca

“I  was diagnosed with a very rare auto immune disorder called IPEX at 18. Most infants diagnosed with IPEX do not live past a few months, the most a couple years. The reason I am a Type 1 Diabetic is because this auto immune disorder attacks your immune system. There have been a lot of sh**ty days living with this disease, but if there is 1 thing that I can be happy about in having this disease, it's being a Type 1 Diabetic.  I have met the most amazing people with T1D that I now consider lifelong friends. Most days, my self confidence is on the lower side because of what my IPEX has done to me physically. When I am with my T1 friends, I feel as confident as ever. They see the friendship I have to offer, but most importantly, they see the love, care, a strength I possess. My IPEX and Type One Diabetes does not define who I am. What lies within me does, and my Type One Diabetic friends remind me of that every time I am with them. I think it’s because we can relate in that we have a life long illness, and that is something special I get to share with so many wonderful people.”