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Age: 29    Year Diagnosed: 1992   Location: Detroit, MI

"I work as a diabetes educator and specifically love working with teenagers. I often talk with them about diabetes burnout. We discuss how diabetes isn’t something you can do alone. We all need help sometimes: sometimes that help is with a site change and other times it might be a listening ear. This support can come from a friend, a family member or even right here on instagram. Find your tribe and allow that support to lift you up!

I LOVE to travel and experience new places. Travel with diabetes is always an adventure. Between trying new foods, lots of walking and being in a different time zone: diabetes can quickly get out of wack. I’ve had a bad site and had to do an injection and site change at 30,000 feet. I’ve gotten frisked because of all the needles in my carry on. I’ve done 4 site changes in one day because the combination of ocean water and sunscreen doesn’t work great for new sites and I refused to leave the beach. So I always say take backups of your backups when it comes to diabetes supplies and meds."