Age: 30   Year Diagnosed: 1997  Location: Detroit MI

"One morning, back a few years ago, I found my mom sitting on my bed crying. I woke up and asked if everything was alright, why was she she on my bed? She looked at me bewildered. She said 'you don't remember anything?' I said, "Remember what, mom?' She had tears down her face, she said I woke up screaming and yelling around my house and I couldn't be controlled. She said I then laid back down in my bed and went to sleep. I started crying because I had NO MEMORY of anything that took place. I was scared, why couldn't I remember? I had no control of my body, my memory, nothing. This was before my Dexcom. I slipped into a weird state due to my blood sugar. I hated diabetes even more that day.

People often think you are "limited" with Diabetes. Maybe it's because we look like robots with all these different machines attached to our body parts, or maybe because we have to "shoot up", so that makes us "unable", I don't know, but I'm here to show the world that diabetics are NOT limited to anything, we are limitless! Traveling the world, scuba diving, hiking, dancing, singing, body building, I mean we are called diabadasses for a reason, no?