Age: 25   Year Diagnosed: 1998   Location: Detroit, MI

"The thought that we had any control on being diagnosed because we 'ate too much sugar.' It is one of the most frustrating situations when people think you cannot have something or prevent you from eating it because they believe those decisions are what led to being diabetic in the first place.

I was able to submit paperwork through the special aid needed during testing department at my university, which gave me 45 minutes extra in a room for every exam I took. I never ended up needing the full time, but it was awesome getting it.

My biggest piece of advice is to keep glucose tablets everywhere.  Buy 5-6 of the big bottles and keep it in a car, by the bed, in a gym bag, in a backpack, and wherever else is commonly used when you cannot get food in your system right away. Will save you time, money, and fear whenever sugar does dip low."