Age: 27   Year Diagnosed: 2007  Location: Santa Monica, Ca

"I went on a medical mission trip to India in 2016 where I set up medical clinics with doctors and nurses in remote villages. I met many people that had diabetes that had no access to medical resources like we do in America. They didn't even have a place to keep their insulin cold. It was in these moments, I felt so lucky to that I have access to life saving supplies and a loving community to support me with my T1D. I am so incredibly lucky to have an amazing boyfriend, friends & family, and my wonderful co-workers at Myabetic where I work to change perceptions about what it is to live with diabetes. I have been blessed with positive influences and knew I had to pay it forward. After my trip to India my heart was set on becoming a nurse. A few weeks ago I hired a interview coach that went to medical school to help with my nursing school interviews. This coach told me not to tell the admission council that I had type one diabetes because it was a disability, and it could prevent me from getting in. I could not believe that somebody was telling me to hide my T1D! To hide the very thing that inspired me to become a nurse and help others. I politely told him that I could not do that because this is my true authentic self, and that I would never hide my diabetes. My entire personal statement was about being diagnosed with T1D and the journey I have been through overcoming my diagnosis. I am happy to say that I have received a interview to every single nursing school that I applied to. I wanted to share this story because nobody should hide their true authentic self while reaching for their dreams. Our imperfections are beautiful! You should always be yourself. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.