Age: 27 Year Diagnosed: 2002 Location: Orange County, Ca

“I went to Olive Garden with my boyfriend once and I didn't feel like going to the restroom to inject myself. I thought I could be really stealthy by using the table cloth to hide. Just as soon as I was about to inject myself, our server came by and saw me pushing the syringe into my abdomen. Poor guy was in so much shock. My boyfriend had to explain to him it was insulin for my diabetes. Thank God I have a pump now and can discreetly bolus myself!

I wish people would stop assuming that I'm limited in what I could eat or drink. I just want people to know that I'm still human and I still have my chocolate cravings and that I will indulge in them if I can!

I feel really frustrated sometimes when people compare me to Type 2 Diabetics and try to offer me unsolicited medical advice. They compare my numbers to theirs or they're grandma's or whoever else's and act like they know everything there is to know about this disease.

A piece of advice if like to give us to find an endocrinologist that you like! I once had one that made me feel like complete shit for not being in control. Instead of helping me, she just guilted me and pushed me further into my denial. I finally found an amazing doctor who truly cares and is constantly working and collaborating with me to improve my overall health. Here's helped me bring my A1C down to below 7!”