Age: 45 Year Diagnosed: 1991 Location: Little Rock, AR

“Remember that one time when the doctor told me I could eat "sugar free" candy and I nearly erupted into an explosion that could be seen from space?! I do... (sheesh) The first time my doctor told me that sugar free candy would be better for me, I went to the store and bought it all. Sugar free gummy bears, Whitman's chocolate sampler, Twizzlers...and about 30 minutes after, I checked my blood glucose levels and all was fine. Except for a rumble in my stomach that turned pure nuclear in about 3 minutes. Spent about 5 hours on the toilet that day. Thanks diabetes for teaching me that sugar free actually costs you something. It costs you about 10yrs off the life of your colon.

We aren't victims. Don’t wear this thing like a badge…no one is against you. The drama isn’t helping any of us. So what if someone makes a joke about it on late night talk shows. Spend your energy helping people understand, not complaining about it. As far as I know - complaining has never accomplished anything, ever. Diabetes hasn’t made me a victim.

I had a chance to direct the Bike Beyond documentary and it changed my perception about what someone living with Type 1 is capable of. It completely changed my mind and gave me a new cap on what I thought this disease would restrict me to. Watching these cyclists with Type 1 absolutely crush this ride across the country is one of the most empowering things I've ever seen. Privileged to be a part of it!

I finally figured out how to calculate protein...not just carbs. The way I calculate the food that I eat - there’s a ton of medical journals & diabetes research I read - trying to figure out how to calculate protein into ‘actual carbs’ that impact my body. Multiplying the protein x .6 and adding the carb content to that...has really helped me get the numbers right.”