Age: 23 Year Diagnosed: 1999 Location: Barrington, IL

“For the first time in my life a professor questioned my ability to succeed due to diabetes. The first week of my Masters program he asked me, “Do you really think this is the best idea for you with your condition? It will be physically and emotionally taxing for your entire career and you can drop out and get all of your money back in the first few weeks of the program.” Mind you I was prepared for the program and just as equip as anyone else and gave him no reason to question me. I was just letting him know I had diabetes. Ive never gotten that response before and I looked him and told him I have never had a problem before and I will be the best nurse you have ever seen. Now I am at the top of my class and I was the only one to get a 100% on the last exam!

Never let someone tell you that you are less because you have diabetes!! You are strong and just as capable as anyone else!”