Age: 25 Year Diagnosed: 2002 Location: San Francisco, Ca

“One thing I've learned from working in the Type 1 diabetes community is that there's no one way to live with T1D. I love meeting other people with Type 1 and knowing that we have this really specific life experience in common - but through meeting people with T1D I've also learned a lot about the ways we differ. There's no one right treatment method, diet plan, dosage, or tool to use if you live with Type 1 diabetes. I've become much more open minded about what it means to live with diabetes, and know that MY experience with Type 1 isn't THE experience of having Type 1. Like many before me in the diabetes community have said: "your diabetes may vary" - and I love that about the diabetes community. I've lived with Type 1 for almost 17 years, I've worked at Beyond Type 1 for more than 2, and I still learn something new about diabetes every day. I think that's awesome! “