Age: 39 Year Diagnosed: 1984 Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan

“Low blood sugars are not funny per se, but the specific symptoms can be... For example, the low that I had years back where I thought my wife was an alien trying to force poison down my throat (it was simply apple cider) in order to turn me into an alien. And then the frosting gel that she tried to coat the inside of my mouth with, was an alien gel meant to paralyze me. In the moment, these are never funny. But afterward, of course, I felt like a fool even though it felt so real at the time.

Over the years, I've come to see there are so many misconceptions in the general public and within our own Diabetes Community. That is why I find it so important to share my own personal story and use my journalism skills to get correct, important information out to those who need it in their diabetes lives and decision-making. Your Diabetes May Vary and opinions on many issues often do as well, and what may be important to you may not be a top priority for another. That's why I work so hard to share stories and information in the DOC (diabetes online community).

I've never really known a world outside of diabetes, being diagnosed at age 5. I mostly consider my T1D a blessing, in that I am able to manage my own health and feel that I've learned to ‘McGyver’ healthcare in ways that wouldn't be top of mind otherwise. The fact that I can work professionally in this space and help others in the community is something that fills my heart with so much happiness.”