Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 2016 Location: Chicago, IL

“When my doctor first broke the news of Diabetes I was in shock and didn’t really know what to do, aside from continuing on my way to work like planned. Then it happened as I called my Mom from the train platform, the ugly crying, the snorts, the unplanned stop at Whole Foods to blow my nose and attempt composure. Diabetes gave me my ‘crying on the redline’ moment every Chicagoan needs!

As millennial as it sounds, Instagram has connected me with so many other T1Ds and honestly, along with research taught me more about managing diabetes than my endo! (sorry, Doc!)

Read as much about diabetes as you can stand, even if it doesn’t make sense yet! Reach out and connect with other T1Ds, seeing other people staying active and just coping with everyday life made a world of a difference for me!”