Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 1991 Location: Seattle, WA

“Someone (much older than me) once asked me if I could live without technology (my iPhone, email, etc) and I told him "well, no, because I have a medical device linked to my Bluetooth." But it really surprised him and he didn't know what to say... don't think he was expecting that answer!

Diabetes can feel so isolating. I used to feel that way all the time. A lot of people thought I was "embarrassed," but that's not what I was feeling. I just wanted to feel like I was a part of something, not alone and that I could talk about it to other people and they could relate to me. With the internet and social media, it makes it so much easier to search for and find other T1Ds. It has helped me immensely!

Don't feel at the mercy of your meter/CGM. Of course, that number matters but think of it as a tool to help you better manage your health. No matter what that number is, do not let it make you feel controlled or badly about yourself or your health.”