Age: 26 Year Diagnosed: 2007 Location: Kenosha, WI

“When I was newly diagnosed at 14 a friend and I went to Six Flags alone. Her mom packed me a lunch but when we got there the security guards wouldn't let me take it inside. I was so new to it and very non-confrontational that I didn't want people staring at me so I didn't argue or even explain that I was a diabetic and I needed it, I just threw it away and we went in. A couple hours later my sugar was low, but because I threw away my lunch and we hardly had any money we had to go around asking people for quarters so we could scrounge up enough money for one of those big chocolate chip cookies. I got the cookie and everything was fine, but looking back now I wish someone had told me to stand up for myself when others weren't giving me the space to do so. I still struggle to stand up for myself sometimes, but when it comes to diabetes I no longer have a problem telling people when I need their help or just educating them when the subject of my gadgets comes up.”