Age: 26 Year Diagnosed: 2018 Location: San Diego, CA

“I wanted to write something great, amazing, incredible. I thought about what to write and what exactly I wanted to say. Sure, I thought about telling my story. Long story short I was in DKA, 85lbs. and grateful I was alive. I had all the common symptoms like that unquenchable thirst (which is real AF), frequent urination, weight loss, constant hunger. It hasn't even been a year since diagnosis and it already has been quite the journey. It's been a fast learning experience and a huge adjustment to my life. To be honest, I just want to share some of my feelings and thoughts I went through. I thought of diabetes as most people thought, which was caused by unhealthy lifestyle. I was embarrassed to tell my friends I have type 1 diabetes for that exact reason. It's not caused by that (google it). I was depressed about diagnosis for a months. It was very hard to accept that my body didn't work like "normal". I was different. Along with being different, I've struggled with self confidence. I'm thankfully at a healthy weight now, but I think of my weight before all this. I've never been at this weight. Also having a CGM on me is different, but it literally saves my life. So why should I be self conscious about that? I was so concerned about what other people thought that I lost sight of what I thought of myself. My body is my home, and I'm healthy now. Although this illness has put me through tons of emotions, it doesn't control me. Sure, it might have me pause when my blood sugar is low, but I will drink some juice or something and continue on. From the finger pokes, to counting carbs, shots, site changes, literal highs and lows. It's constantly on my mind. But it doesn't define me. It has truly made me a stronger person. It's a part of me. And it's a part of me that I could hate or that I could love. I choose to love it.”