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Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 2007 Location: Philadelphia, PA

“I try to live each day with a grateful heart.   Diabetes can get the best of us and most days are less than perfect.  I recently started being conscious of my word choice.  Instead of saying, I have to…,” I try to say, ‘I get to…’. This can be applied to every part of life, but it is especially helpful with diabetes.  If you know your history, we are living in the most ideal time to have diabetes with all the technology that has been developed. Not very long ago, things like glucose meters didn’t exist.  The only way for a diabetic to test was through urine throughout the day.  Now we have the ability to test anytime right at our fingertips (pun intended).  So for me, it’s not ‘I have to test my blood sugar so many times a day,’ it’s “I get to test my blood sugar so many times a day (because so many before me didn’t have this opportunity).”  It personally helps me focus on the good, not the bad.”