Age: 24 Year Diagnosed: 2003 Location: Los Angeles, Ca

“In the 6th grade I got an in school suspension for giving myself insulin (in the nurses bathroom) for my lunch. Needless to say, we switched schools the following year.

I started wearing my dexcom on my arms, 1. for comfort 2. because every time I wore it on my arms I noticed kids would come up to me and ask if I was also a diabetic. I was embarrassed my whole adolescence and had secret code signs with my mum for my diabetes care when we were in public. So when a kid comes up to me and talks openly and shows me their dex, pump site, etc.. and we are both so excited about it- I just know I would've felt so empowered and more brave to go ahead with being public about my diabetes at a younger age!

My diabetes life hack is to put your pump in a baby sock if you are slipping it inside your clothes against your skin- I swear by it! It absorbs everything.”