Age: 38 Year Diagnosed: 1999 Location: La Grange, IL

“Dating with type one is pretty funny. (*disclaimer* totes not dating anymore. totes engaged.) I went pretty low on a first date and I was a sweaty mess. I have hypoglycemia unawareness which means that I sometimes have no idea that I am low until death is upon me. When I felt my bangs wet with sweat against my forehead, I excused myself with all the casual coolness I could muster and looked like a drunk as I tried to find the bathroom. Needless to say, I fumbled with the Skittles bag in the bathroom stall and they spilled all over the floor, bouncing off my cute heels with some plopping into the stall next to me. I, of course, squatted down and ate them off the floor of a public bathroom in a Chicago bar. Standard rules don't apply when you are low. If you already read this story on my blog I'm glad you got to read it again here. It's that good.

It took me some time to put on my Type One Diabetic Pride sash. Being diagnosed at age 18 in 1999, when texting wasn't even a thing yet and Facebook did not exist, there was not a community for me. Years later, I discovered some type one Instagram influencers and my mind was blown. I was not, in fact, the only cool type one diabetic on the planet. Find your diatribe, find your diabetic people. Even if they are only your friends on social media, the connection and understanding is real. We alphas have to unite.

Diabetic Advice and Hacks: don't forget to subtract your blessed fiber from your blessed carbs**don't forget to bolus for protein and fat because everything we eat eventually turns to glucose, my pals**but do not treat a low with avocado or bacon**keep a paper clip with your Omnipod so you can puncture that sucker when she is screaming at you**don't assume that you can't lose body fat or build muscle cause you have type one**always run up to a stranger if you see that they also have type one**be nice to type twos**donate all of your unused diabetic supplies**use it freely to get out of stuff**rotate your sites**don't leave fruit snacks in a hot car**it's okay to eat when you are high (you know what I mean)**don't hide that you have it--let's bring awareness so we can find a cure.”