Age: 27 Year Diagnosed: 1998 Location: Palto Alto, Ca

“I think one of the highlights of my life was when I was in fourth grade and I got to speak about Type 1 diabetes at a San Francisco Giants Game, back when the park was still called PacBell Park. My brother and I got to stand on home plate and our names were on the big electronic sign for everyone to see. I still do some public speaking, but to this day I haven’t spoken at a cooler venue or to a bigger crowd than the one at that game…and I’m not sure I ever will? But weirdly I’m cool with that, because 4th grade me was clearly a boss and I’m so glad/thankful/lucky I got to have that cool experience.

Be confident in yourself and your diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of. Your marks, scars, bumps and bruises make you who you are. It can be hard to feel confident or normal - we are running around with machines strapped to our bodies, we whip out an insulin pen at a restaurant before a meal that we’ve carefully calculated the carbs for, we have to account for things and think in ways that most other people don’t - it’s hard to be playing the part of a human organ and still trying to live a normal life! But those things are what make us strong, unique and beautiful. Diabetes makes you grow more than you thought you ever could, and makes you realize just how capable you truly are. Be confident in yourself and your disease, and know that it is a strength, not a weakness.'“