Fiona Wylde.jpeg

Age: 22 Year Diagnosed: 2015 Location: Hood River, OR

“Oh definitely the most embarrassing moment with Type 1 Diabetes was when I was on a first date. My friend knew I had type 1 Diabetes, but he didn't really know what it meant or what it was like to have type 1. We were sitting at the table chatting and all of a sudden I broke out in a sweat. I was crashing really fast with two arrows down on my Dexcom at 70mg/dL. He thought I had gotten so nervous about the date that I broke out in a sweat and was about to leave Thanks type 1, haha! I ordered a coke and came back to normalcy in a few minutes. The good thing was I got the chance to explain how Type 1 works and thankfully the evening got much better after that. We are good friends now and we still laugh about it.”