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Age: 19 Year Diagnosed: 2018 Location: Summerville, SC

“The most embarrassing episode of diabetes comes just before I was diagnosed. I remember wetting the bed one night, and the day after blaming it on my dog. To this day, my family has no idea of the true nature of the incident’s origin.

A thought I would like to share is that while diabetes is considered a hindrance and a setback, I view my diagnoses as a catalyst for spiritual and mental growth. I have been a follower of Jesus and trusted Him as my Savior most all of my life, but nothing has made me depend on his Sovereignty more than having T1D. Searching for ‘why’ I have diabetes on my own has led to endless hours, dark thoughts, and lonely places, but when I look to Jesus and trust in His Word, His Light shines on the Darkness. Frustration and resentment are present, but I am learning to trust my Heavenly Father with greater fervor and love. As for making me a more mature individual, having Type 1 Diabetes has instilled an unparalleled since of resolve and confidence in me. If I can handle diabetes on a daily basis, I can handle anything. I am not ashamed of the pump I ware, so clearly seen my confused bystanders. It is what I have, not who I am. Because of the growth I have seen in myself, I do not see my diagnoses as an ailment, but as an agent of success.

The trick to handling T1D is always being one step ahead of the game. Following the trends, having a plan, never leaving the house without a snack. These are simple steps to ensuring you are staying happy and healthy.”