Age: 36 Year Diagnosed: 1994 Location: San Diego, Ca

What a time to be alive... In less than 100 years, people with diabetes have gone from near certain death, to having technology that provides near constant blood sugar readings and automatically adjusts insulin delivery levels based on those blood sugar readings. From no information at all about the state of your diabetes to massive amounts of information 24/7 that can be used to inform treatment. From having no idea about how a child, spouse, or parent was doing with their diabetes at any given point, to having a real-time view of a loved one's blood sugar levels even when they're thousands of miles away. We've come so far, but the best is yet to come. Embrace all that's available to you, figure out what works best for you, and use it to improve your health now and in the future. Ask your doctor about options, or suggest them if they aren't brought up first. It's in your best interest to be the expert on your diabetes, including your options for things that can help keep you healthy.

YDMV (Your Diabetes May Vary). It's great that there's a thriving community of people like you that offer tips and hacks, but you're an individual and must learn how YOUR diabetes works. If someone else says a particular tactic works for them, try it out, but expect that it won't work exactly the same way for you. Be prepared to experiment over and over until you get things mostly right. Then be prepared for life to happen and throw you a temporary curve ball that you'll need to adjust to as well. This is the life. Just about everything you can think of can affect your blood sugar either up or down. The key to avoiding stress and frustration is to expect the unexpected, be flexible and prepared to adjust as needed.”